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This page is intended to discuss research and general knowledge. Though it might be related to actual Use cases, I refrain from discussing them in depth in this area.

Academic Publications

See also: Academic Search Detail

Relevant issues on peer-reviewed publications.



Defines a vocabulary and concepts to be used in XML languages, for outgoing links, incoming links, third party links. Also how to build n-ary links, and specify attributes

  • How this affect us: Is not an annotation specification per se. But as long as we define links, is better if we abide by the concepts and names defined
  • In my opinion the extended links are more complex than necessary for simply defining incoming links (would need to define at least locator elements and an arc element, apart from the extended link (father) element). Too cumbersome for the sake of a genericity we won't use in our case.
  • In fact it is not really an extended and recognized technology. XBRL (Business Reports) is the most noticiable use that I know.
  • Documentation
  • Related specifications
    • HyTime (Hypermedia/Time-based structured language). Is an standarized, SGML-based language. It's purpose is to represent relations amongst different resources. According to wikipedia:HyTime is an XLink predecesor. Looks old and without noticeable uses.
    • TEI (Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines). A much more general purpose (structured text), tells something about links (or should, franckly I can't recall ATM (2012-03-09)). XLink picks and uses the most valuable parts for our context (???).
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