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Welcome to Obelus Wiki. If you are interested and willing to collaborate in this wiki please feel free to email me (fjarandag at gmail dot com) to get an account.

Obelus is an effort for a web annotation system. Currently the focus is on compiling knowledge about Web annotation, and to discern if it makes sense to develop a (yet another) system for that purpose. Further information in the Obelus Description page.

Site sections

Please note that the most important sections have shortcut links in the navigation bar (on the left).

Concepts and Vocabulary What terms are relevant, and what do they mean
Research and Standards What have been done by the people who walk the peer-reviewed path
Developments (tools and prototypes) What have been done by the people who live to ship functionality
Intended Use Cases and Scenarios What can we do to make the world (a little) better
Administration (to be developed)
Archive Forsaken pages (solid candidates for clean-up)



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