Personal Info

Given Name: Francisco Javier. Family Name: Aranda Granda.
Born in Madrid(Spain) on 14th Sept 1975 (age 40).
Single. Currently resides in Zaragoza(Spain). Ready to relocate if needed.
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  • Master's degree in Systems Engineering and Computing (University of Zaragoza 2010)
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java 2 Plattform (2000)
  • Degree in Computer Engineering (University of Deusto, 1998)
Further information might be found in http://javier-aranda.com/cv-diplomas.html


year(s) Institution/Employer Client Tasks
1993-1998 University of Deusto Degree in Computer Engineering
1998-1999 Spanish Armed Forces SEFOCUMA military service. Trained as a 2nd Lt. for the reserve
1999-2001 SICONET Ingenieros Carrefour Software development: Java/Swing applications, formatting and parsing XML and HTML data
2001 Grupo CP / Tecnocom) Santander Central Hispano
Rural Sistemas Informáticos
Software development: Parsing of bank batch files, DB access component, web applications based on Grupo CP's Multichannel Plattform
2002-2004 BBVA Software development: Technical design, Development of web applications based on CBTF, data access components, banking operations statistics system, some UNIX scripting
2004-2008 Banco de España Software Development: Web application, data access.
Web publication maintenance and helpdesk
CMS(Vignette) maintenance and helpdesk
Examples: Mortage Calculator, Virtual classroom web
2008-2010 University of Zaragoza Official Master in System Engineering and Computing
2010-present none Personal projects: Calculators, DDBC (after M.Sc. Thesis), Obelus)


  • Java
  • Web Technologies
    • More experienced with core HTML, CSS, javascript, HTTP
    • Also worked with PHP, Accesibility, XSLT, jQuery
    • Working example available at Calculators section
  • System administration: Basic skills for Windows and UNIX
  • Software development tools: Accostumed to Eclipse. Experience with Apache Ant, Maven, SVN, Git
  • Database Administration: Experience with MySQL and Oracle
  • Language Skills: Spanish as native language, English at Proficiency level (Cambridge ESOL Certification)