Internal Rate of Return calculator

  • This calculator allows to represent and calculate a financial scenario with a current value, a rate of return, and as many single payments and periodic payments as desired
  • Use the radio buttons to select which variable you need to calculate
  • Enter the values for the other variables, and press ENTER (or "calculate" button) for the target to be calculated
  • Press "add" under "Single Payment" and "Periodic Payment" to add more payments to the scenario
  • Press "reset" if you need to restore the calculator to its initial state. Refreshing the page might work just as well
  • Notice that in some cases (no possible solutions, or some programming mishap) the calculation might fail. Please be gentle and check your input data.
  • Notice that in some cases there might be multiple solutions (e.g. the IRR if there are strong negative cash flows at some point). You can enter a target value estimate (or any value) so it is used as a start value for the approximation algorithm.
  • Notice that your data is not saved, and there might be incompatible scenarios. You might be using an spreadsheet as well.
  • Although this is tested to some extent. There is no guarantee that the results are accurate. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Single Payment
Periodic Payment
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GPLv2 License About
IRR Calculator: Calculates Rate of Return, or any other variable, for an arbitrary number of flows.
Copyright (c) 2015 Javier Aranda.
This development is free software. You can copy or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2[1].
Source code might be retrieved from
Regarding this work I would like to thank the following:
  • Banco de España employed me for developing a mortgage calculator. The source code is independent, but the problem is similar.
  • I learned some Financial Maths with prof.Javier Miner (Deusto), who was an awesome teacher.
  • I learned some Computer Calculus with prof.Simeón Gutiérrez, which I did not enjoy so much.
  • I learned some stuff like Web design from Raúl Calvo, and other co-workers whose names I hardly can remember.
  • I would also like to thank all the software community who have contributed to open technologies and tools which have made this work feasible.
  • And thanks dad for all these years of unconditional support.
[1]If you need specific permission for other terms, please do ask.